February 6th, 2011

An Open Email to Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

by Arkansas State Representative Jon Hubbard, (R-75)

Governor Beebe:

Please correct me if I am wrong, but as a first time Legislator, I am very disappointed to see you resort to “strong arm” tactics to basically kill Senator Bledsoe’s SB 113. It appears that you have “encouraged?” a “hostile” amendment to be added to this bill by a newly elected Democrat Representative, an amendment which you knew would be declared unconstitutional according to Amendment 68 of the AR State Constitution. If you are so afraid that the people of this state might really want this Bill passed into law that you are willing to do anything to stop it, then how can you even think of yourself as a “Servant of the People”? Governor, you are a much better person and leader than to resort to something such as this, and I truly hope you will re-examine your reasons for holding this office.

I am not by any means a “career politician”, nor do I have any  intentions to become such.  I ran for the State Legislature to do what my constituents wanted me to do, and trying to use less than honorable tactics to kill a good bill that goes against an unconstitutional law proposed by a constitutionally unqualified Presidential pretender is most certainly not something my constituents would want me to do!  In the best interest of the good people of the State of Arkansas, I urge you to reconsider your obvious opposition to SB 113, and to the several of the other good bills submitted by conservative Legislators so far during this session that were not allowed to reach the floor for a vote.

I understand that this is your final term as Governor, and that you would like to see your remaining time in office be as peaceful as possible.  However, there are things that need to be done which stagnant leadership simply cannot and will not accomplish!  The people of this state sent all of us a very clear  and definite message on November 2nd, and that message shouted that they DO NOT want Obamacare forced upon us, and you have done absolutely nothing to support your fellow Arkansans to prevent this unconstitutional law from being implemented in our state.  Contrary to what you might think, the Republican Members of both the House and the Senate desperately want to work with you to protect our state from an over-reaching and out of control Federal Government, and all we are asking is that you stop blocking good bills from reaching the floor of the respective Legislative bodies, where they can be voted on by the Members of this Legislature.  I appreciate you taking time to read this email, and I am available to visit with you at your convenience.

Representative Jon Hubbard


12 comments to An Open Email to Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

  • Lloyd Clark

    Way to go Jon! Keep shining that light on these sordid tactics which are all too common amongst the Democratic hierarchy. We need to get our state on board with those who honor and revere the Constitution. Not those who do their best to ignore it or work around it.

  • Lynne

    Bravo! Well done, Rep. Hubbard! It truly IS time for Arkansas legislators to remember that they work for We the People and not for themselves or special interests….or for globlalist masters! Please keep standing for the Constitution and nothing else – we NEED you and more like you! May God have mercy on this state and this nation. We pray that people will keep “waking up” and come to their senses before it is too late.

  • Sanford Marquer

    your ignorance of democracy is staggering

  • Virginia Sturgeon

    Excuse me, Mr. Hubbard, but you and your conservative ideas do not represent all the people of Arkansas, not even all the people of Jonesboro, of which I am a resident. The wonderful healthcare law which passed the House and Senate is welcomed by many Arkansans, and you are not allowed to force your views on those of us who believe your views are backward and unChristian. Governor Bebee is a fair-minded man who, although a Democrat, gives consideration to all points of view, unlike the Tea Party Republicans who think only their point of view has merit. I used to respect the real Republican party, but since it has been hijacked by you TP people, it is no longer respectible. May God have mercy on your souls. You know not what you do to the poor and unfortunate in Arkansas and in America.

  • Debbie Peley

    Way to go, Jon Hubbard. 94% of people in your area told KAIT in a poll that they wanted a illegal alien bill like you are sponsoring. You have truly shown the other Republicans how to deal with Governor Beebe and the Democrats. I hope your courage is catching and the Republicans will step up to the plate and have half the courage you have shown.

  • Judy L. Holm

    Good job Jon Hubbard. It is refreshing to know there are people of authority fighting against the Obama agenda. I’m proud to see that there are still folks who don’t want Obama’s handouts. Keep up the good fight, we are behind you. Mr. Beebe shame on you.

  • Paul Culbreath

    Well done Jon, the majority of the people here in Craighead County are behind you on this issue, so stand firm and be strong and fight for what you believe in. That is why you were elected, and the majority of the voters in District 75 did not vote for you to be on Obama’s band wagon, like Beebe, Wilkins an Linderman are. I knew you have the courage to stand up and fight for what you believe in so stay in there my friend and fight the fight we are behind you.

  • Neldon

    I am almost a hundred miles from Jonesboro.
    You have the support of a lot more people than just the Jonesboro area.
    The people spoke an sent you to represent us.
    We thank you for what your doing.
    We will send you a lot more help next election.
    God Bless You Jon Hubbard.

  • Buck Holloway

    Well stated Representative Hubbard, but shouldn’t this have been addressed to Matt Decample? I believe he’s the real mouthpiece for whoever is really running the show up there.

  • Grant Chee

    Governor Bebee, just like Huckabee before him, allows state bureaucrats, law “Enforcement” officers and the “PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX” personnel to harass, intimidate and
    persecute our fellow citizens. A real state leader would put a stop to the overly empowered bureaucrats our elected
    leaders allow to operate with impunity. The governor and other elect pretend they are unaware of the misconduct of those they appoint to do the duties we hired the elected to manage. Governor Bebee is guilty of citizen persecution;
    ignorance of one’s sworn duty to uphold the constitution is not an excuse. I challenge Governor Bebee to vigoriously
    investigate SOSRA in Pine Bluff and ACIE in Little Rock.
    The Soviet Gulag began just like persecution in Arkansas
    has begun. Wake up neighbors, your fellow citizens are being persecuted and mentally tortured in Arkansas because
    elected leaders and ignorant voters approve of a police state environment; believing themselves immune, safe and
    therefore uncaring about injustice meted to others, unaware they or their sons and daughters may be next. Obama and the “Health care” reform is unconstitutional and will NOT improve health, care or the debt crisis we already face.

  • kate

    Thank you for standing up for CHRISTIAN principles. The people are watching. We will not be fooled AGAIN!

  • fran

    Jon: I just watched what . was supposed to be a call in show where the gov. was supposed to be answering questions on a call in show on aetn. What a farce.!I called in with a question about how these sales tax rates keep getting increased in garland cty. up to about 9% come 4/1/13 and who is voting these in and why are they not on the tv news? We already have a 7% state income tax not to mention federal taxes of various types. The aetn phone was ringing off the hook and being ignorted by the gov. and the host steve? bourne?.They were talking about what they wanted to talk about and only answered a couple of emails and a phone call in a period of one hour. What a slap in the face! How can we not elect these derelicts for a 2nd term where they shirk and manipulate contrary to their sworn duty? And what about the poor ethics in media reporting/non reporting?Please rsvp.

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